I still remember when I decided I wanted to work for myself…and it keeps me going today


Some have commented that I’ve “lowered” myself to the level of dog walker – that I’ve wasted my college education and experience. I see it quite differently! I believe I’ve raised my standards considerably by making this career change.

I still remember when I became disillusioned by traditional employment…

It was 2000 and I was working as a Social Worker for Fresno County. It was a very dark job, with low pay and mediocre benefits. I always felt like anyone who spent more than 5 years working there had just given up on life – or was expecting life to start at retirement.

At any rate, I had this co-worker. We had been hired around the same time and had the same job – just in different units with different supervisors. I assumed he was a decent guy. Well, one day, he was caught red-handed in a county vehicle, picking up a hooker. Yes, during work hours. Whatever people want to do with their lives, I don’t really get too involved  – but here’s what bothered me… He STILL HAD HIS JOB AFTER THIS….

This was not taco bell. This was county social services – where we expect and guide families to “do better”…right??

I started wondering what my job was really worth if that guy had the same job.

Shortly after, I started another job, with similar responsibilities. It was in South Central, at the Regional Center. I hated that job, but that’s besides the point. The kicker with this job was that we worked in a super-secure building with key passes and codes. Security guards everywhere. Nobody was getting in. Yet, theft was rampant! Yes, THEFT…people’s keys, wallets, purses, food, office supplies. Just disappearing. Some college educated, employed individual was going around taking other people’s stuff!

I just couldn’t take it anymore. These were the people I was supposed to be “equals” with.  No Way

So, I’ve “lowered” myself to the level of pet sitter and dog walker, and I’ve never looked back!

Stay Strong!



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