Going dairy free

I’m done. It’s my final unhealthy addiction. A while back, I gave up those chemical non-dairy flavored creamers (i.e coffee mate). It was probably the most difficult addiction  I’ve ever had. Soon, it was replaced with an addiction to half-and -half. 

As a result, I gained 10 pounds in 6 months.. and I’m bloated all the time! So what’s a body to do?? i’m switching to coconut and almond based creamers. I found one I like, made by Califia. It’s half coconut cream, half almond milk. It’s pretty good! It doesn’t cream coffee like cream… nothing does.. but it’s 1/3 of the calories.. and no bloating! 

My real challenge is when I’m having coffee “out”. Starbucks doesn’t have coconut cream- just coconut milk. But today I got this combo: Grande Iced Coffee+ 3 pumps sugar free vanilla+ 1 splenda+ coconut milk. I must say, it’s pretty good! It would probably be even better with cold brew. 

My real struggle is the “thin-ness” of milk alternatives. I guess I just have to stop expecting my coffee to be white 😜


2 thoughts on “Going dairy free

  1. April, I started on black coffee when I had to prep for a medical test. After that drinking it black was my ‘norm’ and the good thing is that coffee is all I need – I don’t have to search for splenda or any milk products. Much easier! 🙂

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