Cycling has made me hate driving… even more

I didn’t even know it was possible. I’ve always hated driving. sitting. stuck in traffic. the terrible things you see. the recycled air. the ever constant threat of the car breaking down. There’s just so much to hate about it. Really. 

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago when I dusted off my bicycle and started running errands with it. It’s so freeing. I’m not stuck in traffic. There’s little fear of a breakdown. Alternate routes are actually fun. Plus, I get great exercise, which my legs are thanking me for!! 

So now, I evaluate each and every trip out of the house. Do I HAVE to drive?? Unfortunately, because I live in Southern California, the answer is often yes. Even public transportation is terrible here. I have clients 20 mikes away that I couldn’t even GET to (or, within 10 miles of) on public transport, here. It’s truly a joke. But I digress. 

Right now, I’m riding an older, heavy mountain bike. I struggle to ride 7 miles (we have lots of hills!)

My goal is to ride 20 miles one-way, fast and easily. Then, I will be truly free. 


3 thoughts on “Cycling has made me hate driving… even more

  1. As an inveterate cyclist, I am happy to read that you like to ride your bike. I have ridden more than 2000 miles a year for over 30 years. Biking is the backbone of my good health. People often ask why I ride so much and I have a hard time putting it into words. How do you explain love? The best I have been able to do is explain that it feels like I am flying. And, I love that feeling. There is probably more to it than that, but it is the best explanation I have come up with. Having said that, I have to add that as much as I love to ride, I can’t stand to ride my bike on errands. I live in downtown Chicago and traffic is fierce. Taxi drivers are the worst. Also, doing errands on my bike seems to get in the way of my enjoyment of riding. I have to stop too soon and then concentrate on the errand. If shopping, I have to schlep back the stuff I bought which can be hazardous riding. The bottom line is that I mostly ride on Chicago’s lakefront and enjoy the activity and the view. As an early riser/rider I get sunrises most mornings over the lake. Having said all that, I don’t want to put you off your riding on errands. If you can enjoy it, more power to you! I do agree that city riding puts you in touch with the neighborhood and terrain in a wonderfully personal way that is impossible speeding by in a car. Keep up the good work! I usually ride these days around 100 miles a week which is more than I drive my car.

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    1. i’ve upped my game a bit, and drove for work 2 days this week. 25 miles one day, 16 yesterday. Tomorrow I will do 18 miles. So, I’m getting better. When I can bike 40 miles in a day, I will have met my first goal 😊 So far (mostly due to the awful place I live) leisure riding hasn’t entered the picture yet. Maybe someday 🌸

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      1. Congrats on your progress. Remember what Mark Twain said, “Get a bicycle. You will not regret it. If you live.” Funny man. Regarding leisure riding, I am retired, so all mine is leisure. You’ll get there.


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