Competition (or, Competitions) kill my motivation!!


I learned something about myself this month. I’m self motivated. I’m motivated by internal sources…my own personal dreams and goals. It all comes from within. Continued motivation comes from results – even small results. That goes for my business, as well as my own personal goals.

I knew this. But I thought maybe I could add some fitness motivation through external “reward”. So I joined two competitions. Both through local NutriShops. One paying $500 and one paying $200. Not a ton of cash, but it comes with the added “bonus” of getting my body fat tested every two weeks.

In the past 3 years, I lost over 25% body fat and over 100 pounds- so I thought some friendly competition could help me lose this last 12 pounds and 3-4% body fat? As it turns out, no…

So in 8 weeks, I spent well over $200 on supplements…and lost a whole…whopping…. are you ready for this?? 4 pounds of body fat. Whoop De Do. I have no idea where I stand in the competition. In my age range, I could very well be “winning”.  But I don’t care. I have officially dropped out of the competitions and I’m back to my regular workouts and regular diet. Whew. I’m glad that pressure is off.

My current stats: 5’4″, 141 pounds, 21% body fat. I have not yet met my goal of 129 pounds, 19% body fat. But, that’s ok. That’s a lifetime goal.

This happens with my business as well. Not that I’m afraid of competition. I do my thing. They do their thing. I only have so many hours in a day. I turn down a lot of work  and refer potential clients to other pet sitters because I’m simply don’t have time.

Maybe my problem with “competition” is the exclusivity of it all. If I “win”, someone else “loses”, and a small amount of progress becomes “not enough”?  Sometimes, for me, good enough is just that.

I’m sure some people get motivation from a $$ prize, or out-bidding someone else for a job. I just happen to not be one of those people. Not sure what that means.

One thing I know. I’ll always do my best.

Stay Strong!




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