Fitness is a luxury


It’s not a luxury I’ve always had. I was thinking of this today as I exited the freeway to go to the gym…instead of a 9-5 job (where I assume most of the cars on the freeway were headed). I was thinking how lucky I am to have the time, energy, health and nutrition available to actually focus on my fitness!

About 18 years ago, I remember dropping my daughter off at before-school daycare so I could get to work by 8am. There was this woman also dropping of her child. But there was something strikingly different about her. She was in excellent shape, AND she was wearing workout clothes!! At the age of 23, this made a huge impression on me. I wondered how this was possible. She has a child, she pays for daycare, and she clearly has time to exercise.

There are a lot of things that have to be in place in someone’s life in order for fitness to be a priority. It has it’s very own “hierarchy of needs”.

There are a lot of things that can get in the way of making fitness a way of life.

If your health is poor

If your budget doesn’t allow for gym memberships / gym clothes

If your budget doesn’t allow for adequate nutrition

If you work extremely long hours and don’t belong to a gym with early/ late hours

If you have a lot of children who need supervision (even gym daycare can get expensive)

If you can’t/ don’t drive

If you’re so stressed out from life that you don’t have any mental or physical energy left

I have experienced EVERY one of these!! Sometimes several of them at once.

When this was “my life”, fitness wasn’t even #10 on my list of priorities. Once I got my general health in order, I was able to work on the rest of the “hierarchy”.

If fitness is a major priority in your life, you’re very fortunate! Don’t take it for granted, and don’t judge those who aren’t there yet. It’s definitely a luxury.

Stay Strong!







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