People like “us”

Last week I got two “compliments”. The people didn’t know they were complimenting me, but it was pretty awesome.

#1 A lady at the gym thought I was the class instructor. Then she asked if I was a trainer. When she found out I wasn’t, she inquired as to who my trainer was. It was pretty awesome.

#2 I joined a “Transformation Challenge” at my local NutriShop. The guy working there was obviously a fitness buff, and probably competes in physique events. After I did my InBody scan, he commented on how “people like us” usually don’t have a chance to win these challenges because they are strictly weight loss (this one is based on fat %, which goes down as you build muscle if your weight stays the same).

“People like us”. That is a new one for me.

I guess my “us” has changed. When I was 250 pounds, the only people who used to group me in with them were the overweight, overworked or overeducated pet lovers. Never fit people. Ever.

I have to admit it’s kind of nice….

~Stay Strong!



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