24% body fat

Why does that still sound so high?? 5 years ago, I was 45%. Yes, 45%. At the time, I didn’t realize how much fat that really was. I was 250 pounds. 

Now I weigh 145, 24% fat. Totally unacceptable if you’re buying ground hamburger meat lol

I just joined a 12-week transformation challenge at the local Nutrishop. I’m hoping to cut down to 19% during that time.

My plan: 1400 calories clean food and supplements (100g Protien minimum) per day, plus 2 hours in the gym (10 min cardio, 60 minutes weights, 50 minutes HIIT cardio). 

I had considered doing a six week “bulk” and 6 week “cut” but I’ve been on a 6 month bulk already, so I want to see how much fat I can lose. 

Wish me luck!

~Stay Strong!


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