To those “experts” who critique others’ form at the gym

You’re obviously not working hard enough. You need to concentrate on your OWN goals and your OWN body instead of worrying so much about what others are doing.


I read a blog post yesterday, written by a “trainer” who noticed a man making a series of form mistakes on a half dozen exercises. A half dozen!! How long were you stalking this guy? Why are earth are you spending your valuable gym time watching some random guy? Then this trainer wrote a blog post about it – about how the guy must have been watching youtube videos and reading blogs to learn about fitness. He said that if he sees him again, he’ll give him some advice about form.

You are not as awesome as you think you are… Giving unsolicited personal advice in a public place is just rude. Even if you are a trainer, it’s not your business. If you think someone is going to hurt themselves, notify gym staff. That is all.

As my mom would say, tend to your own knitting.

~ Stay Strong!


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