Moving at a snails pace

But I’m still moving. Sort of. I’ve been sick since Christmas. I thought it was allergies, but it was a really bad sinus infection. I’m on day #4 of 10 days of antibiotics. They will probably help, eventually. But for now, they are only serving to make me cough…more.

So, for the sake of other gym members, I’ve been out of the gym for about 6 days. Nobody wants to hear me cough up my lungs, and they don’t know it’s just a sinus infection…so I’ll spare them the fear of germs. I’m hoping to be back in the gym by the end of the week.

Right now I’m just concentrating on staying awake during the day so I have some hope of sleeping at night. The coughing is a problem but if I’m totally exhausted, I can usually sleep despite it.

Still pet sitting. Some. Glad it’s a “slow” time so I can just putter around here at home getting a few chores done. These are the times I’m really grateful to be self employed. By now, I’m sure I would have some problems with a “traditional” jobs sick leave policies… which always annoyed me. When you’re sick, you’re sick. Why do they give you such a hard time? Do they WANT you coming to work and getting everyone else sick? They act like you’re doing it on purpose. I don’t miss that. At all.

Until next time

~Stay Strong!


2 thoughts on “Moving at a snails pace

  1. It’s smart to avoid the gym when you are sick! I send my clients home if they have a fever. Even a 1 degree increase in body temperature is enough to elevate your metabolic rate over 7%. A weakened immune system and the gym are a cocktail for disaster. Feel better!

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