I’ve had my doubts


I’ve had my doubts. About everything, pretty much. But especially about my chosen career. I have to re-commit almost every single week that THIS is what I am GOING to do. No job searching. No exploring other options.

Since 2013, I’ve put services largely on hold. No boarding. No overnights. I’ve been extremely picky about what jobs I will take….for pretty much the last 2 years… trying to figure out what I’m going to do, long-term.

Just in case you didn’t know…in the last 3 years, my husband was placed on the heart transplant list (and it looks like now, Kidney transplant as well??), and I was diagnosed and treated for colon cancer.  In 2013 my husband was determined to be totally disabled and unable to continue his 27 year career at the Postal Service. He subsequently took a minimum wage, no-benefit job as a security officer (which he actually enjoys, by the way). All the while, I’m experiencing the ups and downs of self employment. There are weeks when there is NO work. Zip. Zero. Probably 4 weeks a year. There are months where I don’t get a break – even overnight. I literally work 24 hours a day – and sometimes 90 days at a time…

All the while, my husband is in and out of the hospital and I have some residual health concerns.

I have a very simple lifestyle. I don’t do anything extravagantly. So it’s not even about $$. It’s about so much more – my sanity, time for family (and MY pets), but I’ve definitely had my doubts during the last 3 years.

I want to take this opportunity let you know that I am totally committed to taking care of your pets. If I can make it through the last 3 years, I can make it through the next 30…

Stay Strong!!



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