Who I admire (changes over the years)

My daughter. My admiration is beyond words

When I was younger, I admired ultra intelligent people – people who could use big words correctly and discuss things like politics in a calm and analytical manner.

When I became a young adult, I admired money. Money, and all the stuff it could buy. Houses, cars…and seemingly, friends and happiness.

When I became a parent, I admired parents who could interact with their children in a cool and collected manner, allowing their children to be individuals and make their own decisions.

Today, at the age of 42, I admire kind people…People who actually give a crap about other people. People who can open their front door with a smile, regardless of who might be on the other side. People who will give a panhandler a dollar without feeling the least bit bitter about it- and might even sit down and have coffee and a conversation with them. People who give real and meaningful positive feedback to others, genuinely, in a non-patronizing or backhanded way. People who know that letting someone else shine does not take away from their own light…

I don’t know how it happened, but I raised a kid who grew to be a kind and loving adult. She genuinely loves people. She will give her last dollar to someone who needs it (for whatever), and then will sit down with them and talk to them for hours. She knows human value. She’s willing to clean toilets in a detention center because “everyone deserves a clean toilet”. She wants to see broken people restored and whole. To say she changes lives is an understatement. I am just amazed at her heart. It must be made of gold.

She’s my one and only child. She’s also my backup pet sitter. Someday you may be fortunate enough to meet her.

Not sure how it happened. She’s far better than I’ve ever been. I just wanted to share the one good thing I’ve created…thanks for reading

Stay Strong!




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