Self-Employment isn’t magical


Self Employment isn’t magical. It’s still work. The real difference for me, is that I have some choices. When I was a government employee, I had no choices. Someone else told me when to come to work, when to leave, when to take vacation time, when to work overtime, and they ultimately controlled my work life. I did my best to have some control over my personal life, but in reality, I really had no personal life.

Some people think when you’re self employed, you get to take a lot of time off, and just do the work you really want to do. There’s a little truth in that, but it comes with a price. You can’t neglect your business for very long before it starts disappearing. Particularly in the pet care business. People need services for their pets and if you aren’t available, they move on to the next service. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog walker, a groomer or a vet. If you’re not available when they need you, they’ll find someone who is. They may or may not call you next time they need a service.

Self employment has its benefits, but it doesn’t come in the form of health insurance, dental insurance, retirement plans, company cars, uniforms, gym memberships, cell phones, tenure, free lunches, holiday parties, or vacation time. That’s all on you. ALL ON YOU. Add that up, and it can be a pretty hefty sum.

On that note, I’m heading to the gym at 10am when nobody is there. That’s certainly a perk of having a “non-traditional” job!

Stay Strong!




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