If I met your expectations, thank YOU

Working like a dog 😉 

Emphasis on YOU. My ideal client is someone I can please. Period. I NEED to be able to meet your expectations. Not only meet them, but exceed them…nothing makes me happier.

I give the same 100% to all my customers. So why is it that every once in a (great) while I meet someone I just can’t please? No matter how much time I spend, how much extra work I do, how much I love their pets, they want more (usually for less).

If I give 100%, and I’m continually not meeting your expectations, we really do need to part ways. If I have a bad day, and I’m operating at 80% and fall short, that’s on me, and I’m sorry. I want to make it up to you. You’ll know when that happens. I’ll tell you.

If there’s some way I can improve my service, I’m always open to suggestions.

But honestly, if nobody can please you – if nobody can make you happy- you might need to re-evaluate your expectations.

Stay strong!



4 thoughts on “If I met your expectations, thank YOU

  1. Do you think giving out a sort of “Feedback Form” to customers who just boarded their pets is a good idea so we’ll know what improvements/suggestions they might have? I’m planning to give it like 1 week after their pet’s stay.

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