Your Pet-sitter is a badass!


Ok, I obviously say this with a little “tongue-in-cheek”. But some people just don’t realize what’s involved in this job:

We work in neighborhoods police only go with backup

We go through fire-lines and floods to rescue pets


We break up dog fights

We give shots to pets, and administer other medications

We sleep in strangers beds (…without the stranger)

We feed pets that want to kill us. Literally

We show up to interview, alone, at the doorstep of people who say they “need a pet sitter”

We work in the dark (Headlamps are wonderful)

Just this month I dealt with the death of 5 more beloved pets

We provide security to homes while the owners are away

We drive. A Ton. I drove about 700 miles this week.

We eat in our cars. We practically live in our cars

We are approached by panhandlers, daily (this just goes with being outside, apparently. In California, they are aggressive)

We hold pets with seizures, and help them when they choke on their food

We drive pets to the vet, groomer and dog park – all while they are trying to be in our lap…

We take the risk that the pet owner will never come back and we will need to make a life-plan for their pet (s)

We work in rain, wind, heat (in some areas, snow)

And we do all this without the backing of any government agency…. with no more funding than our pet-sitting fee

Not exactly a job for the 12 year old kid next door, is it?





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