Weight loss is hard!

Calories give you energy

The more you weigh, the more calories you need- and exercise is nearly impossible on a “caloric deficit” (due to decreased energy and sometimes low blood sugar).

No pill, no personal trainer, no supplement will fix a bad diet. I would even venture to say that weight loss is 100% diet. FITNESS is what you do in the gym. Ever try to “burn” 3500 calories (1 pound)?? 

Caloric deficit- that is ALL. 

But it’s so hard!! 

My advice: Know your BMR. Eat 300 calories less than this every day. If you go over your BMR one day, hit the gym and burn enough to go below BMR.

If you are always over your BMR calorie-wise, LIFT WEIGHTS!! At least the weight you gain will be partly muscle 💪

Stay strong!!


3 thoughts on “Weight loss is hard!

    1. I definitely agree about the benefits of exercise!! I think sometimes people might start with exercise when nutrition is #1. I spent a ton of $ on personal trainers when really what I needed was nutritional counseling.

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