Me, with less coffee (again)

I gave up coffee once. I almost died. Not really, but I had to get a prescription for massive headaches and I slept for three days. If I could have lifted my head to drive, I most certainly would have gone to the ER. I had gone cold -turkey off a 15-20 cup a day habit. 

A little perspective: I quit smoking in 2010 after smoking 12 years. I lost 105 pounds in 2013. I can give stuff up, usually….

By the way, the main picture is my dog, Shaggy, after a hard day of futile gopher hunting. That is how I feel without coffee- even after the withdrawals pass.

This is Shaggy, normally. Happy. Fluffy. Clean. 

I stayed off coffee for 2 weeks. I gained 6 pounds. I ate way more. Life was just sad

Fast forward a year. I’m back on the coffee kick, about 8-10 cups a day. About half my original habit. As always, lots of sugar free vanilla coffee mate. That stuff is garbage but it tastes like heaven. There’s also 1800 calories in a container and I can easily empty a container in two days.

So I need to cut back. Not quit.. just cut back. So today, I had two cups in the morning, and no more until after 4pm. It went “ok”. I only have a slight headache, I didn’t eat too much, and I even made it to the gym. 

Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well. Wish me luck. Stay strong! 



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