It’s just not write

If I’m being really honest, I hate writing. I used to love it- I used to be good at it. Then I became a county Social Worker…

That was the end of “fun” writing. It was so very technical. When it wasn’t technical, it was awful. Creative writing came in the form of describing some horrible event to the court, so the judge and lawyers could “feel” how a child was harmed. It was important, but it was awful.

Besides the horrible nature of writing for court proceedings, every hour I spent writing was an hour spent tied to a desk, not spending time with the families I was supposed to help.

Fast forward 15 years. I’m no longer employed by any agency; I’m not “required” to write at all. Yet, I feel like I should. I take care of cute pets all day; what a great topic, right?

But I still feel a tinge of negativity every time I sit down to write. Anything. I can’t be the only one….


2 thoughts on “It’s just not write

  1. You are telling my story exactly. Being a social worker for a government agency is the worst. I finally took an early retirement a few years ago and still find it difficult to write even simple letters to my friends. My dogs are my best friends; And, don’t need handwritten notes to know how I feel.
    Finally Free in San Berdoo!

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    1. Thank you Sandra!! It’s hard to know how to explain it to people who haven’t experienced it firsthand. I feel a little nuts sometimes. I hope eventually writing will feel normal again. Congrats on your retirement!!


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