How to keep your pet sitter! (Top 10!

Top 10 ways to keep your pet sitter

  1. Make it easy to get in and out of your house

Don’t block doorways where you expect them to enter and exit. Keep pathways clear.

  1. Pay them

Seems obvious, but forgetting to pay your pet sitter can make them feel really devalued.

  1. Clean up….some

We aren’t going to let your pet wallow in filth or live in an unsafe environment – and we will be forced to clean up if you don’t. We aren’t maids. Don’t make us feel like maids.

  1. Make your pet a priority

If your pet is left out in the heat with the bugs and weeds, that’s not a fun job. If we have to wonder if we should be reporting you instead of working for you, we aren’t going to sleep well.

  1. Don’t waste their time (and gas!) with extra trips and meetings:

Be as efficient as possible. Try to give us keys at the interview, pay at the interview or via PayPal or check at visits. Better yet, let your pet sitter keep a key so you can just call and schedule

  1. Give as much notice as possible for scheduling and cancelations

If your pet sitter already has your key, this allows a little more leeway. The busier the time, the more notice needed. Holidays may need to be booked weeks in advance. Last minute cancellations are difficult because we’ve reserved that day for you. We’ve probably turned down other work, in order to accommodate. Just give as much notice as possible.

  1. Be specific about times and dates

“Are you available this weekend?” can mean a lot of things.

  1. Call at reasonable times

Texting and email are great alternatives when you remember something at 2:am

  1. Be Patient

We drive. A lot. Texting and phone calls are very difficult on the road. We will get back with you ASAP. I promise

  1. Be Kind

Nobody wants to work with a nasty person




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