Things I use for boarding dogs


You can watch the video, but basically, it’s:

  • Kennels
  • Blankets and Beds
  • Anti-Icky Poo (Enzyme cleaner)
  • Dog Food
  • Basic Dog Meds (antacid, fiber, benadryl)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Extra Dog Dishes
  • Dog Leashes and Harnesses (and a place to put them)
  • Dog Toys (optional. This can actually cause problems)
  • Baby gates to section off your house
  • Dog Door or a way for the dogs to get in and out. Totally optional if you like playing doggie doorman.

5 thoughts on “Things I use for boarding dogs

  1. What do you use to clean up pees and poops? Do you think it’s safe to use downy? That’s what my partner uses and I’m thinking that’s what causes our dogs’ sneezing/coughing. :/ I think I’ll switch to using baking soda + vinegar (*smelly*). What’s a better option?

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    1. A lot of us are allergic to downy. (You’re not using it as a cleaner, right? It’s not a cleaner. It’s a fabric softener). You can use plain vinegar for fabric softener and it doesn’t smell at all 🙂 IF you use vinegar as a cleaner, your house might smell like a pickle factory for a while…but it eventually goes away. It’s a good natural cleaner.
      Here’s what I use:
      For poop pick up, I use poop bags like these: and we buy them on sale. For urine, you an use any enzyme cleaner like Natures Miracle Personally, I like Anti-Icky Poo ( but it’s a bit pricier. Enzyme cleaners won’t hurt your pets and will eat up the smell.
      I hope that helps!
      Stay Strong!

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      1. Thanks April! He uses Downy to clean up urine and we keep fighting over this coz he says he likes the smell compared to vinegar (he even says it has antibacterial properties grr) I’m definitely showing him your comment! Thanks a lot! ❤

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      2. He might like the smell, but it’s really bad for your respiratory system (and your dogs too). Plus it’s quite flammable if left on fabrics… it’s not even recommended that you use it on sheets, for that reason

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