Competition (or, Competitions) kill my motivation!!


I learned something about myself this month. I’m self motivated. I’m motivated by internal sources…my own personal dreams and goals. It all comes from within. Continued motivation comes from results – even small results. That goes for my business, as well as my own personal goals.

I knew this. But I thought maybe I could add some fitness motivation through external “reward”. So I joined two competitions. Both through local NutriShops. One paying $500 and one paying $200. Not a ton of cash, but it comes with the added “bonus” of getting my body fat tested every two weeks.

In the past 3 years, I lost over 25% body fat and over 100 pounds- so I thought some friendly competition could help me lose this last 12 pounds and 3-4% body fat? As it turns out, no…

So in 8 weeks, I spent well over $200 on supplements…and lost a whole…whopping…. are you ready for this?? 4 pounds of body fat. Whoop De Do. I have no idea where I stand in the competition. In my age range, I could very well be “winning”.  But I don’t care. I have officially dropped out of the competitions and I’m back to my regular workouts and regular diet. Whew. I’m glad that pressure is off.

My current stats: 5’4″, 141 pounds, 21% body fat. I have not yet met my goal of 129 pounds, 19% body fat. But, that’s ok. That’s a lifetime goal.

This happens with my business as well. Not that I’m afraid of competition. I do my thing. They do their thing. I only have so many hours in a day. I turn down a lot of work  and refer potential clients to other pet sitters because I’m simply don’t have time.

Maybe my problem with “competition” is the exclusivity of it all. If I “win”, someone else “loses”, and a small amount of progress becomes “not enough”?  Sometimes, for me, good enough is just that.

I’m sure some people get motivation from a $$ prize, or out-bidding someone else for a job. I just happen to not be one of those people. Not sure what that means.

One thing I know. I’ll always do my best.

Stay Strong!



Fitness is a luxury


It’s not a luxury I’ve always had. I was thinking of this today as I exited the freeway to go to the gym…instead of a 9-5 job (where I assume most of the cars on the freeway were headed). I was thinking how lucky I am to have the time, energy, health and nutrition available to actually focus on my fitness!

About 18 years ago, I remember dropping my daughter off at before-school daycare so I could get to work by 8am. There was this woman also dropping of her child. But there was something strikingly different about her. She was in excellent shape, AND she was wearing workout clothes!! At the age of 23, this made a huge impression on me. I wondered how this was possible. She has a child, she pays for daycare, and she clearly has time to exercise.

There are a lot of things that have to be in place in someone’s life in order for fitness to be a priority. It has it’s very own “hierarchy of needs”.

There are a lot of things that can get in the way of making fitness a way of life.

If your health is poor

If your budget doesn’t allow for gym memberships / gym clothes

If your budget doesn’t allow for adequate nutrition

If you work extremely long hours and don’t belong to a gym with early/ late hours

If you have a lot of children who need supervision (even gym daycare can get expensive)

If you can’t/ don’t drive

If you’re so stressed out from life that you don’t have any mental or physical energy left

I have experienced EVERY one of these!! Sometimes several of them at once.

When this was “my life”, fitness wasn’t even #10 on my list of priorities. Once I got my general health in order, I was able to work on the rest of the “hierarchy”.

If fitness is a major priority in your life, you’re very fortunate! Don’t take it for granted, and don’t judge those who aren’t there yet. It’s definitely a luxury.

Stay Strong!






People like “us”

Last week I got two “compliments”. The people didn’t know they were complimenting me, but it was pretty awesome.

#1 A lady at the gym thought I was the class instructor. Then she asked if I was a trainer. When she found out I wasn’t, she inquired as to who my trainer was. It was pretty awesome.

#2 I joined a “Transformation Challenge” at my local NutriShop. The guy working there was obviously a fitness buff, and probably competes in physique events. After I did my InBody scan, he commented on how “people like us” usually don’t have a chance to win these challenges because they are strictly weight loss (this one is based on fat %, which goes down as you build muscle if your weight stays the same).

“People like us”. That is a new one for me.

I guess my “us” has changed. When I was 250 pounds, the only people who used to group me in with them were the overweight, overworked or overeducated pet lovers. Never fit people. Ever.

I have to admit it’s kind of nice….

~Stay Strong!


24% body fat

Why does that still sound so high?? 5 years ago, I was 45%. Yes, 45%. At the time, I didn’t realize how much fat that really was. I was 250 pounds. 

Now I weigh 145, 24% fat. Totally unacceptable if you’re buying ground hamburger meat lol

I just joined a 12-week transformation challenge at the local Nutrishop. I’m hoping to cut down to 19% during that time.

My plan: 1400 calories clean food and supplements (100g Protien minimum) per day, plus 2 hours in the gym (10 min cardio, 60 minutes weights, 50 minutes HIIT cardio). 

I had considered doing a six week “bulk” and 6 week “cut” but I’ve been on a 6 month bulk already, so I want to see how much fat I can lose. 

Wish me luck!

~Stay Strong!

To those “experts” who critique others’ form at the gym

You’re obviously not working hard enough. You need to concentrate on your OWN goals and your OWN body instead of worrying so much about what others are doing.


I read a blog post yesterday, written by a “trainer” who noticed a man making a series of form mistakes on a half dozen exercises. A half dozen!! How long were you stalking this guy? Why are earth are you spending your valuable gym time watching some random guy? Then this trainer wrote a blog post about it – about how the guy must have been watching youtube videos and reading blogs to learn about fitness. He said that if he sees him again, he’ll give him some advice about form.

You are not as awesome as you think you are… Giving unsolicited personal advice in a public place is just rude. Even if you are a trainer, it’s not your business. If you think someone is going to hurt themselves, notify gym staff. That is all.

As my mom would say, tend to your own knitting.

~ Stay Strong!